The garden shed / garage can often be the most neglected room of your house. But when organised correctly, even the smallest shed can store an amazing amount. We can sort all those jobs that you’ve been avoiding, such as:

Garage Shelving / Storage Solutions

I’ll design and create a shelving storage solution for you, taking into account your needs, such as work benches, tool storage, secure presses, attic storage.


Shed Window and Door Replacement

Whether your new shed needs windows and doors, or an older shed needs windows and / or doors replaced, I would be more than happy to help. I can make high quality timber windows and doors for your shed, to suit whatever size you need. Replacement shed windows and doors are a speciality.


Garden Shed Repair, Roof Repair / Replacement

Many garden sheds will last for decades with a little maintenance. It’s vital to keep all timber sheds protected from the elements by making sure it has  good coat of paint on it and an intact, waterproof roof. Make sure to sort any leaks as soon as you see them. I can give your shed a regular coat of paint or sealer and repair or replace your garden shed roof, whether it’s covered in slate, felt or corrugated iron / sheeting. I can replace rafters, gutters, downpipes, trim, facia and soffit if necessary.